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World first virtual trapline for Predator Free Miramar Peninsula

To prevent rats getting back into Miramar Peninsula we are creating a virtual barrier on the Rongotai isthmus. This means that Rongotai will also become rat free.

The barrier will be the first of its kind used in an urban setting.

We have been working with Zero Invasive Predators Ltd on the design, it’s obviously not practical to have a Zealandia style fence across the isthmus so instead we will be using a combination of methods to reduce rat invasion into Miramar Peninsula.

The barrier will include:

– An 80cm fence added along the existing Wellington International Airport fence.

– Six barrier lines made up of a combination of traps and bait stations across Rongatai, the ‘neck’ of the peninsula. These will be placed approx. every 50m along the barrier line.

– We will have 4 lines of traps (2 each side) along the coastlines.

– We are also using a line of non-toxic automatic lure dispensers (with mayonnaise) to tell us what/if anything is attempting to cross through the barrier.

If you have friends that live or work in Rongotai, let them know we’ll be visiting them soon.

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