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What Metlink are doing to improve the bus problems

A month after the introduction of changes designed to improve Wellington’s public transport network, Metlink have recognised that for many passengers, the changes aren’t working for them yet.

In a statement, Metlink acknowledge that “the change has been uncomfortable, disruptive and at times inefficient.

“It’s become obvious as we work to make it better, that we’ve shaken your confidence in something you rely on every day”.

The company has received a large amount of feedback abut the changes and while it is committed to “moving forward”, it has recognised that “a change this big is complex and takes time to ensure it’s working the way we designed it.”

Metlink issued the following responses to significant passenger concerns.

“I can’t be sure I’m going to get where I need to on time.”

Metlink’s response:

We’re working on fine tuning the new timetabling to ensure buses have enough time to make all the stops when they’re supposed to.

We’ve made a change to Route 3. Services before 8:00am now start from Lyall Bay instead of Rongotai, so some buses in that area will run more often.

We’re going to introduce an off-peak 18e service between Miramar and Karori to make it easier for many to get to and from the university and hospital.


“I’m standing at the stop and full buses are driving by.”

Metlink’s response:

We’re working closely with our operators to make sure that big buses run on the busy routes at the right time.

We’re deploying extra back up buses on Routes 3 and 36 between Lyall Bay, Hataitai and Wellington Train Station to provide more capacity.

We’re also deploying extra buses in the evening on Route 2 between Courtenay Place and Karori and Lambton Quay and Seatoun.


“I can’t rely on your real-time information, online or at the bus stop.”

Metlink’s response:

We’re making improvements every day while we investigate a number of causes, including a bus by bus review to make sure they can pick up the GPS signal and the Real-Time Information equipment itself has been installed and used properly.


“The new off-peak transfers are a hassle and make my journey longer.”

Metlink’s response:

We know this is taking some getting used to. We’re working with operators to make the connections work as they should. When properly working, you shouldn’t have to wait more than five minutes to make a timetabled connection to another bus at a sheltered bus hub.