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What happened to the GWRC public transport report?

A report on the public transport changes in Wellington since 15 July is scheduled to be presented to the Greater Wellington Regional Council tomorrow.

The Sustainable Transport Committee of the Greater Wellington Regional Council has its next meeting at 9.30am tomorrow, Wednesday 8 August.

GWRC policy is for reports to be published on their web site two days before the meeting takes place. The Standing Orders say, “Any member of the public may…inspect… at least two working days before every meeting, all agendas and associated reports…”

The Agenda for the GWRC’s Sustainable Transport Committee meeting on Wednesday 8/8 is now online here.

All papers listed in the Agenda– minutes, reports, reviews – are linked to online, except for one.

The “Public Transport Transformation Programme update, Report 18.323” is listed as “to come”.

Given the reaction to the changes to public transport that have happened since 15 July, a report on the performance of the network would be of particular interest to the general public in advance of the meeting.

All will presumably be revealed at the public meeting of the Sustainable Transport Committee tomorrow from 9:30am, in the Council Chamber, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Level 2, 15 Walter Street, Te Aro.