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Wgtn software developer fighting for a better world, one click at a time.

Two and a half years ago, fed up with online trading sites available, Hooman Bahreini, a Wellington based software developer, started a journey to code a completely new e-commerce site from scratch.


The premise was simple, create an easy to use online trading platform where customers can post ads and sell items for free. How is this different to Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree you might ask? Shopless vows to give 50% of its’ revenue to charity. Not its’ profit, its’ revenue. It is dedicated to supporting both refugees and fighting climate change – two causes close to the founders’ heart.

Hooman, 38, studied in India and is originally from Iran. He emigrated to New Zealand in 2010. He left Tehran for a better life and, thanks to his qualifications, was able to easily find work and settle into life as a Kiwi. Many are not so lucky. As of 2017 it is estimated there are over 25 million refugees worldwide . A majority of whom have left behind everything in search of safety and security.

‘The life you are born into is pure chance. No one chooses to be a refugee. I chose to leave my country. I said goodbye to loved ones, I was prepared. Refugees often leave with nothing. It is something that haunts me. As such we are dedicated to helping support those settling in New Zealand by giving to Red Cross Wellington and ChangeMakers’. Hooman Bahreini, Founder of Shopless.

Climate change is another cause Hooman feels strongly about. As such, revenue will also be given to Trees that Count.

‘The climate emergency is something we can no longer ignore. Our actions need to change significantly in order to curb the damage we are doing to our planet’.

Shopless joins an ever growing list of companies whose values are based on the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet.

Shopless is now live and can be used by anyone, anywhere in Aotearoa.

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