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Wellington District gets 101 new police, and two new taskforces

An increase to frontline officers, along with a new Precision Targeting Team and Serious and Organised Crime Taskforce, will result from the increased staff allocation to the Wellington District announced yesterday.

The new staff were allocated as part of the 1800 additional Police funded nationwide through a $298.8 million increase in Budget 2018.

District Commander Superintendent Sam Hoyle welcomed the 101 officers allocated to the Wellington District today by Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

“We have a great police team in Wellington, and all our staff are committed to making a real difference in our communities. The investment of additional staff ensures we can continue to enhance our frontline response, and will have a positive impact for the community and for our own staff working to prevent crime and make the communities we serve safer,” said Superintendent Hoyle.

“This year, additional staff will be allocated to support a new approach to tackling family harm.  We are working with local iwi and partner agencies to provide follow up support and interventions specific to the issues facing a family or whānau.

“Attending family harm episodes is always challenging for our frontline staff, however with this new approach our staff will know that after they leave the address that there will be further support provided to the family to prevent future harm.”

In addition to increasing frontline officers to prevent and respond to crime and calls for service, Wellington District will establish a new Precision Targeting Team that will focus on priority and prolific offenders to reduce crime such as burglary, robbery and vehicle crime.

The allocation also includes the introduction of a Serious and Organised Crime Taskforce in order to combat and prevent gang-related crime such as methamphetamine supply, violence and intimidation, and other serious offending.

“Wellington District will also invest further resource to build on the great work already being done by our Youth Engagement and Community Liaison Officers,” said Hoyle.

“This will provide additional opportunities to prevent crime and minimise harm by enhancing relationships and enable us to work alongside communities to make sure people are safe and feel safe.”