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Wellington App Launches Summer Edition.

Introducing the Summer Edition of The Wellington App!

Photo: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner / Flickr

Like all of you, we at The Wellington App change our focus over the summer months, so we’ve decided to roll out a special Summer Edition.

You’ll have all the local news and information you’ve come to rely on, including any traffic disruption notifications, but we’ll also be telling you where the best beaches are for the weather conditions, water temperatures in the region, a daily Surf report, and we’ll be profiling Wellington’s beautiful parks and other outdoor spots for you to explore.

Most of you will be wanting to head out of town as the weather gets warmer, so we’d also like to highlight some of the special places that make a perfect day trip out from town.

If you’re traveling around the country for your break, download the App of any of our iApp Network partners to get the low-down on everything local in that area;


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We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful relaxing time with your friends and family over the holidays. Thanks to you all for your support over the first 6 months of our business, we’re going from strength to strength, and you’re all part of making that happen.