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Wednesday date night

Every Wednesday a member of the Wellington app team is going on a date…and reviewing how it goes.


Dinner at Loretta 23rd October, reviewed by Brendon, who went with his lovely wife.

Loretta is a bustling little restaurant on Cuba street which serves up creative food.

We arrived for an early 6pm dinner and Loretta was already busy. Reminiscent of the Tardis it’s a lot bigger inside than it first appears from outside.  The staff were friendly, and seated us quickly.
BUT when seating us they didn’t ask if we wanted a drink: this is one of my pet hates.  Perhaps it is because I am a raving mad alcoholic, but when seating a guest you must water them too – and what’s good for the customer is also good for the restaurant’s cash drawers.

The menu is well set out and has a lot of variety, it definitely got our stomachs grumbling.










Salmon, pea sprouts, Savoy cabbage, chives,
fennel top + chardonnay dressing 21.5

Freekeh or farik is a cereal food made from green durum wheat that is roasted and rubbed to create its flavour. It is an ancient dish derived from Levantine and North African. You are seeing more of it around. Nadia Lim uses it in her new book Vegeful.  This particular dish was simply divine, fresh light delicious. My date loved it so much she would only let me share a small part of it.


Fennel, dill, chilli, sumac, mint lamb skewers – baked aubergine,
breakfast radishes + coriander yoghurt FOR ONE 31

I am a huge Lamb fan, the spices in this dish were well chosen, the chargrill enhanced the spices.  My only slight criticism was I thought the Lamb was slightly overdone, that however is a personal thing, as I am a carnivore who likes his meat nearly raw.

Vanilla bean New York style 12.5

We had a major problem with this dish. The problem was we only ordered one to share, This dish is bloody sensational. It was the battle of the spoons as we raced to get our share.

Drinks list 

Wide selection. We had a bottle of Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 11.5 29 57.   Very pleasant drinkable wine. I like the way you can order it by  125ml 375ml 750ml. The couple across from us ordered a 375ml  Carafe of what looked like a good pinot, great way to drink red wine.

Overall it was a pleasant dining experience in a cool part of town.  The  date was a success (she came home with me!)