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Despite the rain, garden water restrictions still in place

As heavy rain continues to batter Wellington, with a severe weather warning in place this morning, garden water restrictions continue in the region.

Over 200mmm of rain fell in 24 hours overnight in the Tararua ranges, causing many Wairarapa rivers to run extremely high yesterday. There was surface flooding in some areas, and Dalefield School in Carterton was forced to close.

The rain average for the spring season–  September to November – is 314mm, according to NIWA. But by Sunday the tally was 297mm, with averages for the season and November expected to be surpassed by the end of the week,

Despite the deluge, council by-laws in Wellington City, the Hutt Valley and Porirua mean that strict watering restrictions are in place throughout the period of daylight savings, until April next year.

Only one watering device, such as a sprinkler, irrigation system, soaker hose, or unattended hose can be used per household. These can only be used on alternate days from 6.00 to 8.00am and 7.00 to 9.00pm. Even numbered houses can water on even days of the month; odd numbered houses on odd days of the month.

A spokesperson for Wellington Water told Stuff said that while garden watering restrictions were in place, the wet spring meant they were not being as actively promoted as they would normally be.

However, if a dry spell did eventuate, the tools are in place to quickly promote the restrictions.