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Union stop work meeting affects bus services today [updated]

A stop work meeting called by the Tramways Union for their drivers today, 26 September, means that Metlink bus services will be reduced in Wellington City, Hutt Valley and Porirua between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

This meeting is an opportunity for the Tramways Union to talk to its members and is a normal occurrence.

Metlink have advised that:

  • School services should not be affected
  • Normal services will operate until 9:00am
  • Reduced services will operate between 9:00am and 3:00pm
  • Normal services will resume from around 3:00pm
  • Passengers should expect cancellations on some services
  • The affected services will not operate during the stop work meeting.

See below for the last trips and the first trips to run. Services on those routes will not run between those times.

2               Karori (last trip 9.30am; first trip 1.10pm)
2               Seatoun (9.00am; 12.50pm)
3               Tirangi Rd (9.20am; 12.40pm)
3               Lyall Bay (9.30am; 12.50pm)
3               Wellington Station to Lyall Bay (9.30am; 12.50pm)
3               Wellington Station to Tirangi Road (9.40am; 1.20pm)
12            Kilbirnie (10.00am; 1.00pm)
12            Strathmore Park (9.55am; 12.55pm)
14            Wilton (9.30am; 1.00pm)
14            Hataitai (9a.00m; 1.00pm)
18            Miramar shops (10.00am; 12.50pm)
18            Darlington Road (10.10am; 12.50pm)
20            Kilbirnie (10.05am; 1.05pm)
20            Courtenay Place (10.30am; 1.30pm)
21            Karori Mall (9.48am; 1.40pm)
21            Victoria University (9.52am; 1.04pm)
21            Courtenay Place (9.30am; 12.50pm)
22            Johnsonville (9.13am; 2pm)
22            Mairangi  (9.35am ex Johnsonville ; 1.52pm)
22            Victoria University (10.01am; 1.18pm)
22            Wellington Station (9.47am; 12.37pm)
81            Eastbourne (9.20am; 5.50pm)
81            Courtenay Place (8.45am; 3.15pm)
83            Eastbourne (9.05am; 1.35pm)
83            Courtenay Place (8.25am; 12.55pm)
22            Mairangi (9.35am; 1.52pm)