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Traffic lights proposed for Hataitai

The peaceful fast-food mecca of Hataitai, already reeling from the decision by Metlink to terminate the #14 route in the village, may now get traffic lights at its intersection.

Wellington City Council is seeking feedback on the proposed installation of traffic lights and signals for drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians at the crossroads in Hataitai Village.

The busy intersection, which includes Moxham Avenue, Hataitai Road and Waitoa Road, links the eastern suburbs with the city centre and brings heavy traffic into the suburb.

The Council is keen to hear from any users of the intersection, including Hataitai residents, business owners, business managers, and frequent visitors to Hataitai.

The reason for the change is to improve safety for pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and drivers.

Hataitai residents have raised safety concerns about the intersection following several crashes involving drivers and pedestrians over the last decade.

One such incident involved a mother and young child walking across a pedestrian crossing, and the child being hit by a turning car.

Anecdotal evidence reveals an increase of incidents over the last three years.

The Council has also been told that the intersection is confusing with no clear understanding of who has right of way.

Installation of new signalled pedestrian crossings would replace the current zebra crossings. These signals will also control vehicle movements.

The roads will be widened slightly on the corners, so that buses can safely pass and turn.

The pedestrian crossings would be moved a few metres further back for pedestrian safety.

Seven parking bays will be lost, taken from across all four roads.

Installation is expected to take three months, and start in the new year.

A WCC questionnaire seeking feedback about the changes can be completed here.

The deadline for feedback is 5:00pm, 25 September 2018.

A summary of the feedback will be posted to the WCC website in mid-October.

If you have questions or would like more information, email [email protected]