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Snapper extends reach, vocabulary and display

The Snapper payment system is now operating for Metlink public transport across the Wellington region. Passengers will still receive notifications by audio messages and on screen, but depending on which services they have been using, some features will be new.

The Snapper payment system is now in use on all Transit, NZ bus, Userbus and Mana services as part of the changes to Wellington’s public transport network that began yesterday.

As part of the Metlink roll out across the Greater Wellington Region, new Snapper equipment has been operating on Wairarapa bus routes from Monday 30 April and in the Hutt Valley from 17 June.

From yesterday, Snapper is being used on all Metlink buses in the Greater Wellington Region, including North Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti bus routes

The biggest changes will be noticed by passengers from the north.

While users of the Userbus and Mana services are used to tagging on with those companies’ cards, they are going to have to get used to tagging off as will with their Snapper cards – and not being able to top up their cards with the driver.

Passengers who forget to tag off (thus incurring extra charges) will hear a “Please remember to tag-off” message at the start of their next journey.

Other audio messages have also changed.

The “Please check your balance” advisory will now only function at tag-off, as the message has been deemed redundant at the point of tag-on. The warning will be triggered when passengers have seven days or less remaining on a pass, or less than $12 credit on a card.

The new transfer system for Wellington that allows passengers to change buses within 30 minutes without incurring extra costs, will give passengers a “transfer applied” audio alert when they tag-on to the transfer bus.

“This is the same process we’ve been using in the Hutt Valley for the last seven or eight years.” says Snapper CEO Miki Szikszai.

He says that there have been also been a couple of minor optimisations audio wise, bt the other big change for passengers will be on the on-screen displays, which allow for better information display.

For a full display of improvements and changes, check out