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Only let the rubber meet the road

September is when more motorcycles start to hit the road – in all ways. Staying safe is vital.

Motorcycle use is increasingly popular in New Zealand, with a 60 per cent increase in motorcycle travel on the road in the last ten years.

Unfortunately, motorcycles are also involved in more crashes.

In 2016, motorcycles were involved in 10 per cent of crashes and 16 per cent of road deaths despite making up only 3 per cent of road users. In 2018 to date, 29 riders have died on the roads.

The Motorcycle Awareness Month campaign is now underway to educate riders and drivers about what they can do to make our roads safer.

The Motorcycle Awareness website shows the most popular motorcycle routes, and crash locations, with access to useful information, and on-road and online coaching,

Every motorcyclist who signs up and completes a Ride Forever Course in September using the code MAM18 will go into a draw to win $500 worth of riding gear.

More details, and registration information at

Advice for motorcyclists

  • Get Ride Forever coaching.
  • Get the right license.
  • Keep your motorcycle in safe condition.
  • Always wear protective clothing
  • Always wear a full-face helmet
  • Ride defensively
  • Make sure you’re visible. Be Seen.
  • Ride to the conditions and don’t speed
  • Don’t ride while on alcohol or drugs
  • Don’t ride if you’re tired

Advice for drivers

  • Slow down behind motorcyclists
  • Always look twice at intersections
  • Check your blind spots
  • Drive to the conditions
  • Always use your indicators
  • Know that motorcycles can appear quickly
  • Motorcycle indicators don’t automatically turn off. Make sure the rider is turning before pulling out