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Going deep on the new bus timetables and routes

A fact-filled article published today by our friends at Wellington Scoop takes a long (3000-word) hard look at the new bus routes and timetables.

Mike Flinn, a former assistant general manager of Wellington City Transport, goes beyond the initial teething problems with the introduction of the new contracts and services, and considers the suitability of the new Wellington bus routes and timetables to provide a good service for passengers in the long term.

In March, he logged passenger loadings on the important routes across the city, and has now matched these against the anticipated average loadings in several corridors in the city during each peak time.

Flinn also looks at departure times from the Railway Station and Courtenay Place during the evening peak to see if the flows are now likely to be improved and if they will help reduce travel times and delays.

The full article is here.