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Bike lanes are coming to Newtown and Berhampore

The last census showed that one in 11 people in Berhampore travelled by bike. But there are no bike lanes in the area, making the streets a hostile place. That will change soon.

by Patrick Morgan

A possible bike lane solution for Riddiford Street.

Cycling advocates are inviting people to have their say on proposals for bike lanes in Newtown and Berhampore, linking Island Bay and Kilbirnie to the CBD.

Wellington City Council has produced routes and designs, and the public has until next Tuesday, 11 December, to have their say, on this page.

This project is part of the Council programme to develop a connected citywide cycling network so people of all ages and abilities can safely choose to make more trips by bike.

Melrose resident Mark Johnston says bike lanes also benefit those who drive.

“If you’re tired of the traffic around Newtown then bike lanes will help. Newtown has lots and lots of cars. People use those cars every day because it’s sometimes the most convenient way to get around.”

“These are valid and rational arguments for driving, but if everyone does that then we just get gridlock. Instead of making more space for cars, we could take a little more space for people on foot, scooters or bikes.”

“If you’re not interested and the car is still for you, then it’ll be easier to park and drive because other people in cars have taken up those other options.”

Canadian city planning expert Brent Toderian says, “When you design a city for cars it fails for all, including drivers. When you design a multimodal city it works for all, including drivers.”

Advocacy group Cycle Aware Wellington has published a submission guide, calling for a network of bike lanes that are connected, convenient, and comfortable for all ages and abilities.