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Bus stop work meeting runs later than planned, services revised

The stop work meeting called by the Tramways Union today to consult with its members on the ongoing problems with the new bus systems is running longer than expected.

Metlink has advised that most bus services will not be back on the road until after 2:00pm, and apologise for continued disruption to travel plans this afternoon.

Bus operators are still working to get buses on routes earlier than the times below. Passengers are advised to check real time information on the Metlink website and the Metlink Commuter App to confirm departures before heading to the bus stop

There should be no impact on school bus services which we are expected to operate as usual.

See below for first trips to run after the stoppage.

2               Karori, 2.20pm
2               Seatoun, 2.10pm
3               Tirangi Rd, 2.20pm
3               Lyall Bay, 2.10pm
3               Wellington Station to Lyall Bay, 2.10pm
3               Wellington Station to Tirangi Road, 2.20pm
12            Kilbirnie, 2.30pm
12            Strathmore Park, 2.25pm
14            Wilton, 2.00pm
14            Hataitai, 2.00pm
18            Miramar shops, 2.10pm
18            Darlington Road, 2.10pm
20            Kilbirnie, 2.05pm
20            Courtenay Place, 2.30pm
21            Karori Mall, 2.40pm
21            Victoria University, 2.14pm
21            Courtenay Place, 2.00pm
22            Johnsonville, 3.00pm
22            Mairangi, 3.22pm
22            Victoria University, 2.18pm
22            Wellington Station, 2.07pm
81            Eastbourne, 5.50pm
81            Courtenay Place, 3.15pm
83            Eastbourne, 2.35pm
83            Courtenay Place, 1.55pm