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Auditor-General writes open letter to GWRC on public’s bus concerns

The Office of the Auditor-General has written to the Greater Wellington Regional Council after receiving correspondence from the public requesting an investigation into the new bus network and services.

John Ryan, who runs the Office of Controller and Auditor-General, the independent organisation that audits public entities, has published the letter to GWRC chair Chris Laidlaw on its website.

The letter, titled ‘Implementation of the new bus network and services in Wellington City’ explains that the Office’s staff have met with senior personnel from Greater Wellington Regional Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency, and have spoken with staff from the Ministry of Transport, as well as bus operators.

The Office has also reviewed the extensive written material on the GWRC website, and additional information provided by the Council.

In light of the Regional Council’s commissioning of an “urgent independent review of the situation”, and the scheduling of a hearing this Thursday by Parliament’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee, Ryan states that, “I intend to wait until after the Transport and Infrastructure Committee hearing, and any subsequent work, before I decide if further inquiry from my Office would help.”

He says that while no additional enquiry will take place at this time, “we will continue to monitor developments and review any new issues or information that arises to decide whether those warrant further work by my Office”.

The full letter is available on the Controller and Auditor-General’s website.