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Trains The first two morning services from WAIK to WELL for Tuesday 22 October will be replaced by Bus

Valid from: 21/10/2019 9:00pm

Train services will be running between Wellington and Plimmerton with bus replacements between Plimmerton and Waikanae for the remainder of the evening.

We now have more bus replacements running between Plimmerton and Waikanae.

  • Some bus replacements my be delayed due to heavy traffic.

The traction crew are now on site and have inspected the power issue. There is some damage to the overhead and they are working to repair it. This repair is expected to continue throughout the night.

Tuesday 22 October:

  • The 5.00am service from WAIK to WELL will be replaced by bus.
  • The 5.30am service from WAIK to WELL will be replaced by bus.
  • The 6.00am service from WAIK to WELL will be running with reduced seating.


We thank you for your patience during this time and will keep you updates as the situation changes.