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TOP hasn’t topped itself – yet

Wellington philanthropist Gareth Morgan announced over the weekend that The Opportunities Party (TOP) may continue, despite a statement on 9 July that the party would be deregistered.

TOP, which Morgan founded to contest the last election, failed to clear the 5 per cent threshold in November for a seat in Parliament.

In a post on TOP’s official Facebook page on 17 July, Morgan issued “An Open Invitation to form a Political Party with Principles”.

After a long explanation of what TOP was (and was not), he reiterated his invitation to “whoever is interested in best practice policy” to form a new party, adding that “if they are sold on TOP’s best practice policies then I’d be happy to supply funding in return for an undertaking of no compromises on this – until they’re in parliament at least.”

At the time, Morgan wondered if if any group could “actually get its act together”.

But on the party’s Facebook page yesterday, Morgan announced that a number of expressions of interest had been received “including some pretty compelling ones from members of The Opportunities Party.

“That has led the TOP Board to put on hold our plans to de-register the party and give us time to evaluate the offers. I have to say that at this time it is looking pretty good and we expect to make an announcement in August.”

Members of TOP were contacted by Morgan yesterday advising that the party is holding its Annual General Meeting tonight, to give the party the best chance of continuing. The Board of TOP is changing the quorum rule for the AGM from a minimum of 50 members to 20 members.