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Timetable changes for 28 and 30x buses

Metlink have advised that there will be timetable changes for afternoon buses on routes 28 and 30x from Monday 10 September.

Some afternoon trips on route 28 from Strathmore Park Shops to Beacon Hill will depart three to eight minutes later than presently scheduled.

This will allow more time for passengers to transfer to the 28 service from the route 30x buses at Strathmore Park Shops.

Also, some afternoon trips on route 30x will have minor changes at Strathmore Park and Miramar Peninsula to better reflect the travel time for connections to route 28.

Route 30x departure times from Wellington Station remain unchanged.

The new timetables for route 30x and route 28 will be available on the Metlink website on the morning of Monday 10 September.