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The Wellington App one year anniversary

One year ago today, on Winter Solstice 21st June, The Wellington App launched. (…along with the auspicious birth of the Prime Ministers daughter and a 4.6 magnitude earthquake.)

The owners of The Wellington App, Huup and Ruth, with the owner of The Wanaka App, Tony, at the launch event.

Since then, our app has had over 1.6m views from more than 50,000 users. Over the year we have been working hard to create the only comprehensive source for Wellington’s local news. We also provide traffic notifications, bus timetables, things to do, and a platform for everything Wellington.

Our partnerships allow us to present a wide range of informative local stories to our users. Thanks to our partnerships you can find everything from breaking news to in-depth analysis within our newsfeed. We also continue to work with some of Wellington’s major organisations to create useful and engaging content for our readers.

Sean, our editor, at the launch event last year.

Going forward we have some exciting new projects in the pipeline, from innovative local election coverage, to a major redesign of our technical infrastructure, enhancing user interaction.

We’re all very excited to see what the upcoming year holds and we look forward to the continued support of you, our wonderful users, as we continue to build an engaging platform for everything Wellyish.