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Learners’ pool closed at Naenae – it’s earthquake prone

The learners’ pool at Naenae Swimming Pool has been closed to the public after an engineer’s report found the learners’ pool building to be below the required building standard.

Hutt City Council General Manager of City and Community Services Matt Reid says an engineer’s report on the learners’ pool building, which was added to the main building in 1997, has found it is now rated at less than 20% of the New Building Standards.

He says while the learners’ pool could legally have continued to operate, Council has taken a cautious approach and decided to close it as most activity scheduled for that pool can be accommodated in the main pool or at other Council facilities. All those people impacted have been, or are being, advised.

The Council has a plan to refurbish the entire facility in 2020, and Matt Reid says given that, they’re considering how best to approach remedial work. He says while that’s happening, the learners’ pool will remain closed and an Earthquake Prone Building notice will be posted on the building.

Matt Reid says as the problem relates only to the learners’ pool building, the main pool and fitness suite will continue to operate as usual.

Activities requiring shallow water are being relocated to other Council pools. Other activities will continue in the main pool at Naenae.

Matt Reid says once they know how long the learners’ pool will be closed, they’ll let people know.