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Slams and Malice in home season Roller Derby final

Richter City Roller Derby’s Home Season Final will see local teams Comic Slams going head to head with Smash Malice.

by Luke Jackson

For novices, the rules of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby, according to RCRD are as follows:

“Roller Derby is an exciting, full contact sport played on quad roller skates. It is played with two teams skating counter-clockwise on an oval track.

“Each team has five skaters on the track at any one time. One player is called The Jammer. The jammer will have stars on her helmet, and she is the only player that can score points for her team.

“The other players are called Blockers. It is the blocker’s job to stop the other team’s jammer from scoring points, while also clearing a path for their own jammer.

“The jammer’s objective is to lap as many opposing blockers as she can before the jam ends. The jammer will score one point for every blocker passes, and one point if she laps the opposing jammer.”

The final will start at 7:00pm this Saturday at the Kilbirnie Recreation Centre.

Doors open at 4:00pm, with the 5:00pm curtain raiser giving kids aged 8 to 17 in the Junior side a chance on the court.

A Garage Project Bar will be open and serving non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and food.

Wellington Free Ambulance will be present for those just-in-case moments, but in the hopes they’re not needed and can just enjoy the event.

To ensure the safety of fans, the first three rows of trackside seating, next to the track, is restricted to those aged 18 and older, but there is plenty of other seating, including tiered seating.