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181 runners kick off Waterfront 5k challenge

Summer running got off to a good start with Tuesday’s central city post-work Wellington Waterfront 5K challenge.

By Luke Jackson. Photos by Rowan Greig

The course around Wellington’s inner harbour was completed by 181 runners gathering for the first of a series of weekly events.

Liam Back (above) from Wanganui was first to the finish line, with a time of 15:37 minutes.

Hataitai resident Lesa Davidson (above) was the fastest female runner at 20:10 minutes.

The Wellington Waterfront 5K event is hosted by Mac’s Brewbar and the Wellington Scottish Athletics Club, with races beginning every Tuesday afternoon at 5:40pm at the Te Papa side of the diving platform on Taranaki Wharf at 5:40pm, after $8.00 registrations from 5.00pm at Mac’s Brewbar.

Entrants will also be looking forward to the Lifestyle Sports Scottish Night of Miles, an annual event organised by Wellington Scottish Running Club on Saturday 8 December at the Basin Reserve.

The afternoon Christmas fun event will feature a mix of children’s, senior and junior races, fun social events and serious events, including several different races over the rarely run distance of one mile (an historically important distance in NZ’s athletic history, and ideal for training runners as it is a mixture of speed and endurance).