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New Zealand floorballers off to Canada after WFC qualification

Team New Zealand qualified for the 2019 World Floorball Championship on Saturday after a hard-fought 3-3 draw against Australia, on the final night of the Asia-Oceania Under-19 tournament at ASB Sports Centre.

by Luke Jackson

Every game of the tournament, which placed teams from New Zealand, Australia and Japan against each other, ended in a draw.

Japan and New Zealand qualified, based on their higher goal advantage, and will travel to Canada for the world championships.

Floorball is a fast-growing game similar to hockey. It is played indoors with fibreglass sticks and a hollow plastic ball with holes in it.

Wellington has become the hub for floorball in New Zealand, with many local schools picking up the game. Half of the Team New Zealand players are from Wellington.

U19 Men’s World Championships Qualification for Asia-Oceania Region, Australia v New Zealand at ASB Sports Centre, Wellington, New Zealand on Saturday 29 September 2018. Photo by Masanori Udagawa.