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“Slasher” appears, frightens locals

A promotion for the new sequel to the classic 70s horror Halloween remake left some Wellingtonians creeped out and confused, explains MARK CUBEY.

Yesterday, we received an email at The Wellington App from “Christine” with the following intriguing information:

“Hey I saw 2 Michael Myers clones on the way to work. One on Willis & one on Lambton. Know what that’s about? Seriously creepy. Just standing or sitting not moving.”

For those who don’t know, Christine is not talking about the Canadian actor who gave life to such iconic screen characters as Austen Powers, Shrek and Wayne, but the equally iconic slasher killer from John Carpenter’s brilliant 1970s horror film, Halloween.

And having just that morning published our daily High Five events post that included a recommendation for what looks like a pretty fine sequel including the return of original star Jamie Lee Curtis (perfectly timed for the week of Jami-Lee Ross), I was pretty certain that the appearance of a Myers lookalike was not just random.

I suggested this to Christine, who wrote back to say:

“I feel like such a twit. I searched everywhere for information but some of my colleagues saw them as well & were freaked out so we rang the police to ask them. They also knew nothing. Then later it came up on Twitter & yes, you are right it’s about the new movie. Excellent promotion but a bit creepy for those who didn’t know. Really appreciate your reply.”

And here’s the Twitter evidence: