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Road still closed as man stands over Terrace Tunnel – Latest photos and information

Wellington police are still negotiating with a man in a distressed condition following a two-vehicle crash at the city-end mouth of The Terrace Tunnel.

The Terrace Tunnel in Wellington has been closed off all afternoon. Photo: RNZ / Meriana Johnsen

The tunnel has been closed in both directions since a two-car crash just after 12.30pm.

Police are speaking to the man, who is standing on a girder above the northbound lane heading into the tunnel.

The man sitting on top of the tunnel, with the two-car crash that sparked the incident down below. Photo: RNZ / Meriana Johnsen

Police said the man was in a distressed state.

A reporter at the scene said the man appeared to be bleeding heavily.

NZTA have advising people to use an alternate route, or delay travel.

This incident is ongoing and until it is resolved, the Terrace Tunnel will remain closed in both directions.

Southbound traffic must use the Terrace offramp onto the The Terrace, which is gridlocked.

Traffic has backed up across the central city over the afternoon. Photo: RNZ / Meriana Johnsen

Northbound traffic is being redirected along Willis Street, The Terrace, Everton Terrace and onto the Clifton onramp.