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Rideshare company celebrates a year in Wellington with half-price fares

Zoomy, the local alternative to global rideshare giant Uber is rewarding its Wellington passengers with unlimited half-price fares this week.

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

Given what’s been happening with the public transport network, it’s serendipitous timing for Zoomy, who celebrate their one-year anniversary this Friday with a half-price offer on all rides.

Zoomy is a ridesharing app that shows your desired route, estimates your likely fare, finds you the closest driver to get you where you want to go, and bills you via your credit card.

The company was started in Auckland in 2012 by two former telco executives, James Fisk and Neil McDonald, and started operating in Wellington last year.

Zoomy was positioned as a challenger brand to the San Francisco giant Uber, which revolutionised the taxi industry but has attracted criticism for its relationships with drivers and company culture.

Playing up its local and ethical benefits, Zoomy promised higher payments to drivers, and lower rates and better service for passengers.

To celebrate their first year in Wellington, and doubtless hoping to attract new customers, Zoomy are offering 50% off all rides this week until 11.59pm Friday.

There’s no limit to the number of rides that can be taken; anyone ordering a ride using the user code ONEYEAR will get 50% off their fare.

More details of the service, and links to the app on