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Residents campaigning to save small inner city park

A small pocket park containing seating and a small garden, facing northwest on the south-eastern corner of Dixon and Victoria Street, is at risk of disappearing to enable boundaries to align and wider footpaths with a signature building on the corner site.

Image: ICW / Wellington.scoop

A public-excluded council meeting in February 2016 required that officers undertake consultation prior to finalising the removal of the park. The council are now calling for submissions in this regard.

However, resource consent for a building on the site was approved in December 2016 with conditions on the type of plantings and screens to mitigate the wind effect, but nothing about the requirement for consultation.

Volunteer Corner garden on the opposite side of the street is proposed to be used to mitigate the wind from the new development with extra planting and screens. But an alternative option suggested by the developer of retaining the park and building in the airspace is not addressed in the consultation material.

A pocket park should not be removed on this basis, particularly when the revamped Denton Park provides an exemplar for how pocket parks in new developments should work.

Inner City Wellington does not support the removal of the park and has forwarded a submission to the council against its removal of the encumbrance contending, amongst other reasons, that:

· There is a need for parks, open space, green space in sunny areas in the inner city such as this one.

· The process implies a lack of commitment to true engagement as the resource consent approval is not subject to the outcome of the consultation process.

· The removal of the small park is counter to the intent of the Central City Framework

Submissions close 5pm Monday 29 April.

News from ICW via Wellington.scoop