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Special Housing Areas shunned by Council in wake of Shelly Bay decision

An 8-7 vote by yesterday’s meeting of the City Strategy Committee of the WCC removed the special housing legislation that enabled controversial developments in Shelly Bay and Erskine.

The legislation enabling nine Special Housing Areas (SHA) in Wellington lapsed this week. Council staff had recommended that this be rolled over until 16 September 2019, in anticipation of a review by central Government of the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act legislation. This legislation allows applications for high-density residential developments to be pushed through by developers without the need for public notification.

Developments allowed under the legislation include the $500 million development at Shelly Bay, where high-density housing blocks will go up to 27 metres in an area that would otherwise had an 11-metre height limit.

Enterprise Miramar challenged the consents granted for the SHA development, but failed in the High Court. It is now appealing the decision.

An 8-7 vote saw the extension proposal declined for eight of the nine areas: Adelaide Road, Lower Stebbings; Lincolnshire – Woodridge; Johnsonville; Central Area North (Thorndon); Central Area South (Te Aro); 28 Westchester Drive, The Reedy Land, Glenside; and 30 White Pine Avenue, Woodridge.

Councillors voted to keep the council’s Arlington development as an SHA.