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Blog: Work and family balance

This month I am going to change what I would normally write about, and talk about a subject that I believe every successful professional person struggles with in today’s fast-paced world.

by James Copeland

Recently I have been faced with a very unfamiliar situation that revolves around the loss or passing of a loved one.

As someone who believes in the entrepreneurial spirit, I have always had a belief that 5 per cent of life is what happens to you and 95 per cent is how you cope or deal with the events that occur in your life.

I have been through many tough times but in the past, I have always seemed to find myself back on my feet after a period of soul searching and analysis.

The last three weeks have changed my thought process around this dramatically!

Three weeks ago my father was rushed to hospital and after many rounds of different specialists doing tests and asking Dad many questions, the conclusion was that Dad had brain cancer and didn’t have much time left on this earth.

I mentioned previously that this was and is very unfamiliar territory, as no one in my immediate family has died before. In the blink of an eye I realised that coping with this wasn’t going to be easy at all and how would I cope with a dying parent and my very heavy work load.

Real Estate agents have two extremely busy times of the year.

The first one is from October through to mid-December and the other is February through to the end of April.

All successful agents will be spending very long hours at work during these two periods in the year, knowing that the sales tend to make up about 70 to 80 per cent of our gross income over each financial year.

The first week that Dad went into hospital these statistics weighed heavily on my mind and created their own type of pressure beyond the obvious pressure caused by the very sudden news. Then as the second week arrived, I started to gain new insights and perspectives I had never realised before.

The first one was: You have been selling Real Estate for 15 years at three different companies and you have always made it work so don’t be so hard on yourself!

Second: You have plenty of time left to sell people’s homes for them but very very limited time to spend with your father.

Third: In this modern world we live in where things are very fast paced you MUST make time for the things in life that matter the MOST! I have watched far too many successful agents sacrifice their family for a bigger payday or bigger reputation. I am NOT going down that road.

I have found it very interesting how these difficult times that we all experience at different sessions in our lives, can actually bring a clearer focus and perspective to our daily lives. This has clearly been the case for me.

I suddenly realise that a work life without boundaries and balance can take over and very quickly become your life and it can happen without you even being aware.

To all you workaholics out there I have a few words of wisdom that I have recently just gained. Happiness can come from work and being happy in your work is important, but don’t let it become the MOST important thing because it isn’t.

I also want to say a quick thanks to those of you who have been reading my articles and I also want to say thank you to all those who have contacted and supported me through this period.

Bless you all!

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