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Protestors block central city intersection

Protestors have today blocked a central city intersection to demonstrate solidarity with similar protests at Ihumātao.

Photo: Sean Stack / TWA

The majority of protestors moved away from the intersection after blocking road traffic from the Terrace, Lambton Quay and Wellington Station for around 15 minutes. However a small contigent remains in the center of the intersection. Buses have been prevented from driving to Wellington Station, but are now going via Gray St.

UPDATE: 12:50pm – The vehicle in the centre of the intersection has been immobilised by the protestors – some of whom have also attached themselves to it so that they and the vehicle cannot be moved easily by the Police who have now arrived on scene.

UPDATE: 1:45pm – The protest has come to an end after the apparent arrest of a single protestor. The car which was blocking the intersection drove away unopposed by Police, the crowd dispersed peacefully, and traffic is flowing as normal.

For background information on the purpose of the protest – click here

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