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Six drivers didn’t care about impairment, say Police

An impairment prevention operation held on Friday night in Wellington saw Police stop drivers of 3436 vehicles over four hours at two locations.

Six drivers stopped in the start of the summer campaign to encourage road safety were over the breath alcohol limit, with two registering over 400mg.

“These people clearly don’t care about their own lives, or the lives of others. It’s really disappointing,” said Superintendent Steve Greally, National Road Policing Manager.

“When people are driving their cars they need to take on board the responsibility that goes with it. That means giving driving their full attention, driving to the conditions, and not driving drunk, drugged, or fatigued,” he said.

Police issued six tickets for other road safety offences, including not wearing a seatbelt and speeding.

“I just find it so hard to believe that people are still not wearing seatbelts. They are literally a lifesaver,” said  Superintendent Greally.

“On the upside, we were really pleased to see the vast majority of people doing the right thing, and quite a few people thanked us for being out there doing our bit to keep people safe on the road.

“If everybody acted responsibly every time they got in a car we would stop losing people on our roads.

“It’s simple; wear your seatbelt, don’t go too fast for the conditions, put your phone away, and driver sober and alert.”