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Petty purloiners from parking meters pinched by police

Two men have been arrested following a spate of thefts from parking meters across central Wellington.

Over 25 parking meters were broken into during July, and coins stolen. The meters were also damaged in the process.

A 37-year-old man and a 31-year-old man have been charged with wilful damage and theft, and are due to appear in the Wellington District Court on 3 August.

Police worked closely with the Wellington City Council throughout the investigation, according to Wellington Area Prevention Manager Inspector Wade Jennings.

“The meters have tamper alarms installed that are monitored by a private company. These alarms were diverted through to the Wellington District Command Centre to allow officers to be sent to the area immediately when a machine was being broken into.

“We also increased patrols in the central city and closely monitored CCTV footage.”

Anyone who sees suspicious behaviour around parking meters is urged to contact 111 immediately.