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Information from public and Police Ten 7 leads to Hutt arrest

Information received from the public, and responses to the television programme Police Ten 7, has resulted in the arrest of a man charged with an alleged indecent assault in Pine Avenue, Upper Hutt.

A man was arrested yesterday by Wellington District Crime Squad officers after detectives and the victim appealed for public help through Police Ten 7 last week.

The victim has been advised of the arrest.

Police have thanked the makers of the Police Ten 7 programme and the public for their help.

“We know that people were concerned,” said Detective Sergeant Rachael Casbolt, “but viewers and the public were motivated to help us.

“There was a great response from Police Ten 7 as the case was also shared extensively on social media.

“This willingness of people to help is a fantastic example of Police and communities working together.”

No further comment on the case was forthcoming, as the case is now before the court.