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Buckle up, Wellingtonians!

Police are calling for proper seatbelt action from motorists after 113 people were issued infringements last week in the Wairarapa for not wearing seatbelts.

Wellington Police and the Wairarapa Road Safety Council are reminding all motorists that seatbelts safe lives.

Checkpoints held last week in the Wairarapa resulted in 113 people being issued infringement notices for not wearing their seatbelts.

Senior Sergeant Simon de Wit, Wellington Road Policing struggles to understand why people are still choosing to not wear their seatbelts.

“Almost a third of people who die on our roads are unrestrained vehicle occupants. These deaths are preventable. If they had taken the two seconds it takes to put a belt on they may still be here with their families today.”

Studies show that seatbelts save lives, said Senior Sergeant de Wit. Being properly restrained reduces the chance of death or serious injury in a crash by 60 per cent in the front seat and 44 per cent in the back seat.

“No part of New Zealand is immune to crashes, they occur on our roads from one end of the country to the other,” said Senior Sergeant de Wit.

“Anyone who chooses not to wear a seatbelt increases their risk of injury or death if they end up in a crash. So please, buckle up when you get in the car.”