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Plastic protest highlights soft bag problem

A protest installation is currently playing out along Cable Street across from the Chaffers New World supermarket.

Photos by Mark Cubey

Strings of plastic bags are running from lamppost to lamppost from Tory Street to the turnoff to Oriental Parade.

Messages written on the bags included “Say no to plastic” and “600 bags 2 hours shopping” highlighted the environmental problems caused by the soft plastic bags.

Many of the bags are checkout soft plastic bags from New World supermarkets. The nationwide chain is currently running a “Bring Bags” promotion which encourages customers to avoid using the bags and have a chance to win prizes by bringing their own bags to pack groceries.

Like other supermarket chains they also offer the opportunity to recycle soft plastics at the store; over eight tonnes of plastic a week are recycled into useful products like park benches and recycling bins.