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Get seasonally snapping for Bot Garden’s 150th

The Botanic Garden is celebrating its 150th anniversary, and the Wellington City Council inviting photographers to enter the Fresh Shoots photo competition and win prizes.

Henry Moore sculpture in the Botanic Garden, with Met Office in the background. Photo by Mark Cubey

The Council has partnered with Excio, Wellington Photographic Society, NZPhotographer magazine, New Zealand Photography Workshops, Wellington Photographic Supplies, and Nikon to offer four separate competitions taking place over the year.

Every season, a panel of expert judges will select the senior and junior (14-18 years) winners from each of the four categories: People, Nature, Events, and Creative.

Senior prizes include a voucher from Nikon NZ worth $400 and free annual membership of the Wellington Photographic Society, and each category winner will win a printing voucher from Wellington Photographic Supplies.

Junior prizes include a place on a New Zealand Photography Workshop in Wellington and a New Zealand Photography Workshop Pocket Guide to Landscape & Wildlife Photography.

The People’s Choice category will also be featured in NZPhotographer magazine.

The fountain in the Rose Garden is thirsty. Photo by Mark Cubey

The Botanic Garden is classified as a Garden of National Significance by the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture and is a Historic Places Trust Heritage Area.

Planned since 1844, it was entrusted to the New Zealand Institute, the forerunner of the Royal Society of New Zealand, in an Act of Parliament in 1869.

The 25-hectare Botanic Garden is a short walk from the central city and is visited by 1.2 million people each year, making it the third most visited attraction in Wellington after Te Papa and the Cable Car.

Possibly the most unused bench in the Botanic Garden. View completely obscured, and it’s covered with lichen. Photo by Mark Cubey