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Operation Burnham: Third public hearing begins in capital

The third public hearing into Operation Burnham is underway in Wellington.

Sir Terence Arnold is chairing the inquiry into Operation Burnham. Photo: Pool / NZ Herald / Mark Mitchell

The inquiry is investigating allegations in the book, Hit and Run, that six civilians were killed in Afghanistan during a New Zealand-led raid in 2010, and the military covered up what happened.

Today’s hearing will look at the legal issues that arise from the raid.

These include the legal framework that applies to international humanitarian law, human rights law, the United Nations Charter and customary international law.

Also to be looked at is the Joint Prioritised Effects List (JPEL) that was in use for Operation Burnham.

Two legal experts, Sir Kenneth Keith and Professor Dapo Akande, will give their opinion on the two issues over the next two days.

The Defence Force and the authors of the book Hit and Run, Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson, will then respond.

The inquiry chair is Sir Terence Arnold. The hearing is set down for two days.