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New regional park on Watts Peninsula above Shelly Bay

Mayor Justin Lester has been quoted on Monday as saying that an announcement of a regional park above Shelly Bay is just months away.

According to a DomPost report by Tom Hunt, the mayor said Watts Peninsula will become a massive regional park including a likely sculpture park, walking and mountain bike tracks.

The park, on Crown land currently administered by Linz, will cover 72.7 hectares north of the former Mt Crawford prison.

According to the DomPost report, the mayor said the “recreation park and reserve” would be created and jointly managed by the Department of Conservation (Doc) and the city council. The council would provide an initial $2m to upgrade the area, and would then allocate $750,000 a year to manage it.

Former mayor Celia Wade-Brown said on Facebook “the Council was ready years ago but it seems to have taken a change of central government to make it happen, despite Chris Finlayson’s early support. There’s Plimmer bequest money set aside in WCC budget and I’m sure philanthropy and active support will be very welcome. So exciting that Predator Free Wellington Will have such a great opportunity for birds, lizards and invertebrates to flourish in the capital.”