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More enrolments wanted for October elections

Local Government New Zealand is calling for all eligible people to enrol to vote in the October local government elections.


LGNZ Chief Executive Malcolm Alexander stressed the importance of participating in the selection of those who will make decisions that affect most people’s lives on a daily basis.

“Local government shapes the place that you live. It’s the pavements you walk on, the roads where you drive, the water in your shower, and the parks, libraries and swimming pool where you take the kids,” says Mr Alexander.

The push to enrol follows the launch of LGNZ’s Vote 2019 campaign, which aims to lift nationwide voter turnout in local elections and increase people’s engagement with their local council.

“About 90,000 people have enrolled or updated their details over the last month, but there are approximately 60,000 people whose packs have come back marked with no address.”

“If you’ve moved house, but haven’t updated your address, do it now by going to, visiting a PostShop or calling 0800 36 76 56, and asking for a form to be sent to you.

“The local government elections are a one-in-three-year opportunity to have your say and be counted.

“By enrolling to vote you have the chance to choose the people making decisions on everything from roading – that is, potentially how long you spend in traffic in work every morning – to water supplies, infrastructure, garbage collection, and even skate parks. We are lucky to live in a democracy, with the freedom to choose the people who make the decisions about their local areas.”

“New Zealanders need to take action on the issues affecting them directly.”

To enrol to vote, and for more information on the process, visit: or visit

News from LGNZ via Wellington.scoop