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Mayoral candidate backs thriving communities, not urban sprawl

Media release from Conor Hill
Wellington mayoral candidate Conor Hill today released his thriving communities policy with the aim of creating vibrant suburbs rather than urban sprawl.


Conor Hill said: “Many of Wellington’s favourite communities prove medium density housing done well works for people and the city. From Oriental Bay, to Newtown, to Thorndon our most iconic communities have plenty of people living next to each other, sharing ideas, food and company.

“In the next 30 years, we will have an additional 50,000 Wellingtonians, minimum. Let’s grow our existing communities, rather than build isolated car dependent suburbs. It’ll make for thriving communities with better amenities.

“The suburban and central growth that Wellingtonians so strongly recommended in the planning for growth consultation is a far better option than new isolated, car-dependent suburbs in Takapu or Ohariu valleys.

“Building thriving communities supports everything Wellingtonians care about. It builds vibrant suburbs both socially and economically. It reduces our impact on the climate, and mitigates against earthquake damage and climate change.

Let’s make the most of our city, enhance our suburbs, reduce our carbon emissions and build the kind of city Wellingtonians want.”

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