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Longer hours to complete resealing of The Parade in Island Bay

City council contractors Fulton Hogan will be working longer hours from tomorrow to complete the resealing work under way on The Parade between Dee and Tamar streets. From Tuesday, work hours will be 7am to 6pm.


These changes have been necessary because work was postponed on Friday due to the poor weather forecast and showery weather. More showery weather is forecast at times this week, and we are keen to get this resealing work finished as quickly as possible.

All going well, the work should be complete on Thursday, but depending on progress and the weather, it is possible they may need to work on Friday as well.

Please remember there is no parking on the Parade between Dee and Tamar streets while the work happens.

Traffic will be down to one lane around the intersections of Dee and Tamar streets at times, but elsewhere we will be endeavouring to keep traffic flowing in both directions. To do this, we need to use the space where people normally park.

We will be doing our best to manage traffic flows, particularly at peak times. However, for the next few days, it would pay to allow a little extra time to move through this area.

As with all road maintenance work, there will be some disruption and noise at times. We appreciate your patience while we get this work done.

-Report from Wellington.scoop