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Local parking payment company losing WCC contract after 15 years

We are phone2park, a locally owned and operated technology company. We provide mobile payment options for Wellingtonians using city council operated parking. We have 16,000 users and have been operating for 15 years.


Recently, the Wellington City Council notified us that they intend to end our contract for the supply of phone2park parking payment services.

The rationale given to us by WCC is that they want to reduce the number of payment options that customers have for parking. However, by reducing choices and creating a monopoly we believe WCC is taking away your right of choice as well as stifling innovation.

We provide a free calling helpline, parking payment via texting, a wide choice of top-up methods and rich functionality for vehicle fleets.

We have spent over 15 years developing these services and collecting parking revenue for the WCC at no cost to them. Apps are the most convenient parking payment option and an increasingly high proportion of parking customers will be using apps to pay for their parking in the future. Our steadily increasing popularity bears this out.

We invite you to tell your council what you want by signing our petition.

News from Phone2Park via Wellington.scoop