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Listen to Rhian Sheehan on the Sweetman Podcast

Rhian Sheehan is a musician whose work includes a series of studio albums, soundtracks to soundtracks to TV, short film, documentary and feature-length movies, video games and even a theme-park ride. He has just released his new album, A Quiet Divide, and opens a special series of shows across New Zealand, transforming venues into spectacles of sound and light, with a concert at the Michael Fowler Centre this Friday from 7.00pm.

Rhian Sheehan talks to Simon Sweetman for Episode 135 of the Sweetman Podcast, the second one they have done together (the first was the second in the series, over three years ago).

They discuss all that’s happened since then, including the new album and tour which sees Sheehan leading nine musicians and a live string section in an show featuring visuals created by Weta Workshop, Perceptual Engineering and a collective of talented visual artists to create a richly layered live experience.

As well as maintaining a long-running blog and writing the book On Song, Wellington writer and broadcaster Simon Sweetman has published over 130 podcasts, many with notable Wellingtonians. We are providing occasional links to them on The Wellington App.

Listen to Rhian Sheehan and Simon Sweetman here.