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Listen to Bronwyn Turei on the Sweetman Podcast

Bronwyn Turei is one of the new mainstays at Circa Theatre, performing in comedy, drama, musicals, pantomimes and playing different genders, species, ethnicities – all part of the job of making it as an actor. She’s also been on screen, as the character Cody on the Go Girls television series, and has been in bands as well.

Bronwyn Turei talks to Simon Sweetman for Episode 142 of the Sweetman Podcast about life and art; the serious work of being well-versed in the theatre and the attitude, commitment and sacrifices it takes to succeed.

As well as maintaining a long-running blog and writing the book On Song, Wellington writer and broadcaster Simon Sweetman has published over 140 podcasts, many with notable Wellingtonians.

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Listen to Bronwyn Turei here.