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Laurie Foon standing for southern ward: “determination for change”

Sustainable business champion Laurie Foon has launched her campaign for the Wellington City Council’s Paekawakawa/Southern Ward as a Green party candidate.

She says a “youthful determination for change” is behind her decision to stand – that of the next generation.

“I have two daughters who are strong advocates for the environment. They are among the climate change debate and their passion and resolve, along with that of their peers, was what inspired me to stand for council.

“I feel like if I’m in a position to make a change then I should do it not just for my family but for my community.”

After polling high in the 2017 Southern Ward by-election, Foon has made the decision to re-stand on the Green party ticket, following David Lee’s decision to stand down after six years on the council.

Foon says the Greens’ local election campaign for a future for our children and their children and a promise to make Wellington one of the greenest cities in the world aligns closely with her own values and vision, and she is privileged to have the opportunity to fill Lee’s shoes.

Lee says that in standing down, he is proud to back Laurie Foon as Paekawakawa/Southern Ward candidate.

“Laurie is that rare blend – she works constructively alongside people of all stripes, offers a solid business focus and is a strong advocate for sustainable practice. She’s a hard worker and brings great energy, passion and heart to all that she does. Laurie will be an exceptional councillor for Wellington City.”

A resident of Berhampore for 20 years, Foon founded iconic New Zealand fashion label Starfish in the 1990s, running the business for 20 years as a pioneer of eco-friendly conscious fashion. She is currently Regional Manager for the Sustainable Business Network.

Foon says she holds tight to her vision for Wellington as the coolest little sustainable capital in the world and her priorities for council reflect this.

“We need to transition to a low carbon future that cares for people, supports local businesses and regenerates the environment.”

That means working towards zero waste by creating circular systems to reuse resources not create landfill says Foon.

“Let’s make organic waste kerbside collection by council a reality and divert that waste to urban farms to grow food not landfill. And let’s become a single-use plastic free city, starting with stopping single-use plastic at council facilities, venues and events.”

A low carbon economy is also a focus, with Foon calling for greater council investment in social enterprises, local and sustainable businesses, and support through buy local and sustainable procurement policies.

Foon is passionate about future-proofing Wellington by ensuring urban growth integrates energy efficiency, water sensitive design, urban greening, safer cycling, EVs and car sharing.

“I’m standing for a future I want our children to inherit. Let’s make good things happen.”


News from Laurie Foon via Wellington.scoop