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Laidlaw must resign for “lasagne of failure”

It was standing room only at Karori West Normal School last night as around 300 people related their frustration and anger with the changes to Wellington’s bus service, and called for the chair of the Regional Council to resign.

The first speaker congratulated the Greater Wellington Regional Council for “stuffing up the whole system” which set the tone for a meeting that heard what is becoming a familiar litany: missed services, overcrowding, passengers having to make two changes for what was once a direct route, journeys taking over an hour, reductions in peak hour frequencies, and pay being docked because of late arrivals at work.

The inability to get directly from Northland to the Golden Mile, and from Karori to the Hospital in Newtown were also raised as significant concerns.

There was applause and cheers for a Tramways Union claim that drivers have effectively had a $2.50 per hour wage cut, and that the current situation cannot continue, and for a speaker that called the situation “a lasagna failure… they couldn’t have dug a deeper hole if they tried”.

There were many calls for the resignation of GWRC chairman Chris Laidlaw, but he shrugged off attacks.

“I’m not intending to resign. I’m intending to get this right.”


Karori residents who were not able to get to the meeting can join the next Metlink Live session on Facebook on Monday 3 September from 7:30pm to 8:00pm.