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High Five Events for Tuesday 5th Feb!

101: Chinese New Year

Explore all things Chinese New Year including culture, history and art.

We welcome you to the first of our ‘Subject 101’ sessions! Designed to be quick fire and fun with experts exploring broad aspects of subject as an introduction to it. For our first session we’ll be looking at Chinese New Year and the culture, art and history around it.

Many of us enjoy the food, lanterns and entertainment that accompany Chinese New Year, but have you ever wondered where the celebrations originated? How the culture around it developed? what the art used for it is based on? Our guest speakers, including Te Papa hosts and Chinese museum interns from Xi’an, will explore these questions in an open and fun setting. We’ll also be joined by Yiyan Wang, lecturer at Victoria University who will cover the history and traditions of the festival, members of the Confucius Institute who will look at its contemporary culture and Linda from Wellington’s Chinese New Year festival will look at how we enjoy it here in New Zealand. Each person will speak for roughly 10 minutes and will cover different areas relating to the amazing celebrations around Chinese New Year. Gain a new appreciation for this wonderful time of year and enjoy a glass of your choice of drink and nibbles.

We’ve coordinated this event with Te Papa to align with their late night opening of the Terracotta Warriors exhibition, this is a separate event held by Te Papa:

Subject 101 sessions are designed to be quick fire and fun with experts exploring broad aspects of subject as an introduction to it.

Tickets · $15-$20 –

The Friends of Te Papa – 55 Cable Street, Wellington, New Zealand 6011 – Today from 17:30-18:30

Terracotta Warriors: Late-Night Viewing

Come discover the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at a late-night viewing. Explore China’s ancient imperial sculptures and exquisite art up close, at a relaxed pace.

Cost: $39. All tickets include a portion of delicious dumplings and a drink (wine, beer, or non-alcoholic) at Espresso cafe.

Today from 18:30-20:00

Wellington Waterfront 5k, Event 17 – Summer 2018-19

Come join us for a post-work fun run for all, on Wellington’s amazing inner city waterfront.

Registration from 5pm @ Mac’s Brewbar, Taranaki Wharf
Start: 5:45pm for everyone
Prizegiving: ~6:30pm at Macs Brewbar

Martha Savage on Japanese and NZ mental health systems

Martha Savage will give a talk titled “Comparison of the Japanese and New Zealand mental health systems, from the viewpoint of a lay-person”

Japan and New Zealand have vastly different approaches to mental health, especially in their hospital treatment. I will present my personal experience in dealing with the two systems and the knowledge that I have gained through reading and discussions with mental health professionals and other interested parties in the last year and a half since my son’s passing.

The picture shows Martha Savage’s son Kelly on top of the Fuji mountain.

Martha Savage has given earlier a talk in Japan Society of Wellington about her research on volcanoes in Japan.

Please note that in 2019 the meetings of the Japan Society start at 5.30 pm, half an hour earlier than last year, and finish at 7pm.

Japan Information & Cultural Centre, Embassy of Japan NZ – Level 18, The Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, Wellington – Today from 17:30-19:00

Mundo Lingo (Wellington 1 #165)

Join our community:
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: : : : : Who we are : : : : :
We´re a group of around 100 people from a variety of different countries that meet every week to chat, meet new people, and practice speaking another language.
We show what languages we speak/want to practice with flag stickers from over 150 countries / regions. The first flag is your native language and goes at the top. The rest follow in order or ability. It’s open to all nationalities and languages and you can talk about anything you like. You don´t have to be an advanced speaker, or even speak a second language – its for all levels!

: : : : : Tuesday Event : : : : :
We meet every Tuesday at Basque Rooftop Bar, 8 Courtenay Place in the CBD, most nights we are upstairs on the beautiful open rooftop but some nights we may be downstairs due to weather. When you arrive, head straight for the table with the flag stickers, tell us what languages you speak and we’ll get you started.

: : : : : The Reception 7 – 9pm : : : : :
Not obligatory to arrive at this time but it’s highly recommended.

Please remember the bar is a public place and you responsible for your personal possessions.

Basque Rooftop Bar – 8 Courtenay Place, Wellington, New Zealand 6011 – From 7pm until 11pm