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Help return the dawn chorus to Matairangi

Backyard trapping group Predator Free Mt. Vic is offering humane traps to residents in their area to help create a protective screen around Matairangi/ Mt. Victoria.

The community-led initiative, covering the suburbs of Mt. Victoria, Oriental Bay, Roseneath and Hataitai, is working alongside other Predator Free community groups around the city to help bring back the dawn chorus to Wellington.

The work began with Mt Victoria Vermin Trappers in the town belt reserve land of Mt Victoria. With the catchcry “Victory over Vermin”, guidance and advice from Wellington City Council, and funding from the Rotary Club of Wellington, they have cleared over 2,400 pest species, including 11 weasels, since October 2016.

They’ve noticed a big increase in bird life already, with sightings of tui, kākā, and even kārearea (NZ falcon) now becoming common.

The Predator Free Mt. Vic backyard group was created with the goal of broadening a protective circle to include homes in the suburbs surrounding Matairangi/Mt Victoria. For $25.00, homes in the area (see below) can be provided with a humane trap, enclosed in a child- and pet-safe trapping box, plus lots of regular tips and support.

By getting involved and trapping introduced predators in your backyard you can actively contribute to the return of native wildlife to our city.

To join the movement, call Ian Robertson on 0274 491 489 or email [email protected].