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Green candidates announce new policies for Wellington

At a campaign launch last week at the Sustainability Trust, Wellington’s Green candidates announced transformative policies to green our city.

Green candidates Thomas Nash (Regional Council), Laurie Foon (Southern Ward), Richard McIntosh (Onslow-Western Ward), Sarah Free (Eastern Ward) and Iona Pannett (Lambton Ward) are standing for the Wellington City seats along with Sue Kedgley for the Capital and Coast District Health Board (CCDHB).

“Our bus service is broken and we need to fix it”, says Thomas. “To fix it, we need to value it more and that means better pay and conditions for bus drivers, pure and simple.”

“After talking about light rail for 25 years, it is time to get on with building it. Let’s complete the rail network right through the city to the Eastern Suburbs,” says Thomas. “A genuine alternative to people sitting in cars on congested roads is the single biggest climate action we can take and it will mean better quality of life, safer roads and cleaner air for all.”

“We can literally green the city,” says Laurie “with an ambitious plan to plant more trees and build green roofs in the CBD and suburbs. Our goal is to be Aotearoa New Zealand’s first single use plastic free city. Instead of producing and dumping ever more rubbish in our tip, we will prioritise new ways to make use of the waste we can’t avoid.”

“We will pay for the vital public works Wellington needs by issuing local government green infrastructure bonds,” says Richard. “There are three main uses of these bonds – modern light rail, high quality public housing and climate defences. The appetite for green investment is skyrocketing and by investing in this critical infrastructure now while we can, we’ll save our city millions in the future.”

“Families, young people and small businesses are under pressure with no clear pathway to good housing,” says Richard. “We’ll take on a major programme of public housing to provide warm, dry, climate resilient housing for all Wellingtonians.”

“It’s time to ramp up investment in this city so that we are leading the transformation not just waiting for it to happen to us,” says Thomas. “Tinkering around the edge isn’t going to cut it, we have to get serious about change. The Green have the long term vision, the credible plan of action and the absolute determination to do this.”

“We’ll announce a series of detailed policies throughout the campaign,” says Laurie.

“We’re a city brimming with energetic, dynamic people and ideas and our local government should reflect that. This is the time for real ambition in Wellington and the Greens will show it.”

News from the Green Party via Wellington.scoop